All Auto-Trimming Computerized Sewing Machine Interlock

Main cutting materials: ribbon, ribbon tape, small webbing
Product Description

All Auto-Trimming Computerized Sewing Machine Interlock

1. Equipment Parameterpment Parameter of All Auto-Trimming Computerized Sewing Machine Interlock

Item  Parameter
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle time ≤20S
Tailing method Motor coil/cylinder clamp
knife replacement time ≤180s
Life of knife ≥100000 times
positioning accuracy ±1mm
Fragmentation rate ≤0.001% (monthly average)
Block return The front cylinder blocks, the cylinders on both sides are normalized
Glass type (1580-2650)*(1000-1500)mm
Overall dimensions:(L*W*H) 3450mm*2360mm*1550mm
Voltage 3Phase 5 wire 380V,50Hz,AC±20%
Power 4kw
Air Pressure 510L/min


Is an automatic trimming solution for edge cutting of the PV module. The machine loads and centres the panel from the long edge and trims simultaneously the four edges of the panel with 4 automatic blades, removing the excess auxiliary material of the module after lamination. The cutting is performed with high efficiency and a short cycle time less than 30sec. This solution is suitable for standard glass-backsheet as well as glass-glass and glass-less modules


2. Technical Performance of All Auto-Trimming Computerized Sewing Machine Interlock

1). The cutting surface of the leftover material is smooth, and there is no adhesion phenomenon with the panels.

2). Inside the trimming, there is a storage space and a waste collection device for easy cleaning.

3). Product specification switching, operation via touch screen.

4). It has two operation modes, automatic and manual, and has a variety of recipe storage functions.

5). The equipment is driven by a servo motor, driven by a synchronous belt, guided by a linear guide, accurate in place, stable operation, etc.


3. Characteristcs of All Auto-Trimming Computerized Sewing Machine Interlock

Settable for different module dimensions;

Precise Edge cutting on the 4 sides of the module;

Cycle time: less than 30sec/module;

Suitable for glass glass; glass backsheet, glassless;

Low cost of spare parts and consumables;

Ideal solution for production lines with

high capacities;

Sewing Machine Interlock

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