300MW Automatic LED Sun Simulator

Main cutting materials: ribbon, ribbon tape, small webbing
Product Description

300MW Automatic LED Sun Simulator

1. Equipment Parameterpment Parameter of 300MW Automatic LED Sun Simulator

Project Parameter
Component type Solar cell panel
Component size 2650mm*1500mm
Rhythm ≤20S
light source Imported long arc pulse xenon lamp
Irradiance range 700-1300W/㎡
Repeatability accuracy The same solar cell panelis tested continuously for 50 times: ≤0.15%
Test error voltage ≤0.2%, current ≤0.2%
Operation mode Single flash automatic measurement of I-V curve, P-V curve and irradiance line
Power Supply 220V, 20A, 50Hz;
Power Equipment rated power: 3.0KW; equipment peak power: 3.5KW
Air source Compressed air: φ8, 0.6-1MPa; no corrosive gas
Working temperature 10-30℃; ideal working environment temperature 25±2℃
Working humidity 40-80 %RH


2. Technical Performance of 300MW Automatic LED Sun Simulator

1). Measurable parameters: 1-V curve, P-V curve, irradiance line, short circuit current, open circuit voltage, peak power, etc.

2). The solar cell module adopts four-wire connection to ensure the accuracy of solar cell current measurement.

3). Infrared temperature measurement ensures the accuracy of solar cell temperature correction.

4). Optical feedback system to ensure the stability of irradiance.

5). The main spectral range: 300-1200nm, the wavelength is extended to 300-1700nm, and the long-wavelength band has energy output.


LED Sun Simulator

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