300MW EL&VI Tester

Portable 10A Digital Grounding Down Lead Test Earth Continuity Tester
Product Description

300MW EL&VI Tester

1. Equipment Parameterpment Parameter of 300MW EL&VI Tester


HORAD most sold production line was designed to provide flexibiltiy in raw material usage and fast throughput. Made to fit your production floor with only 3 workers needed in line.

Profit from a smooth and continuous assembly of solar panels, and today it is possible to keep the quality of the panels monitored at all times with an AI defects detection system plus our ECO MES system to monitor the production anytime and anywhere.



Item  Parameter
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle time 20S
Camera chip Sony
monitor 55 inch 4K monitor*2
System resolution EL: Spatial resolution: 0.4mm/pixel/5 point value;
Appearance: spatial resolution: 0.2mm/pixel/5 point value;
Pixel accuracy EL: 2.3 million pixels, number of focal points: 15;
Appearance: 12 million images, number of focal points: 15
Detectable defect Visible cracks, broken grids, black spots, etc. The full/half VI has defect marking function, which can assist in identifying defect categories: exposed white, missing corners, spacing, welding strips, dislocation, tin slag in the battery area, paper scraps, Sawdust, etc.; visually detectable defect categories: sawdust above 1mm², hair in blank areas, tin slag, paper scraps, etc.
Shooting mode Direct shot, three-group scanning type (equivalent to shooting with 15 cameras)
Dimensions 3100mm(L)*2679(W)*2128mm(H)
Voltage 220V,50HZ
Power Rated power 2.5KW
Air Pressure Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa clean compressed air, flow 1.6L/min access pipe diameter Φ12mm
Image saving and transmission 1. EL image automatic shooting function;
2. Automatic barcode scanning and input, automatically named and saved with barcode, Party B provides barcode gun;
3. Manual/AI defect classification, automatic date folder generation, and save function;
4. Software filtering and correction, seamless splicing, EL images are displayed line by line, AI can't judge the defects to be handed over to manual judgment, there is plenty of time


2. Technical Performance of 300MW EL&VI Tester

1). √ The overall structure is simple, stable and easy to use;

√ Quick switching of different specifications of panels;
√ Servo motor, precise transmission of components;
√ Belt transmission mode;
√ No light leakage and ghosting;

2). Full screen or partial zoom in and zoom out display function;

3). Automatically take pictures and automatically recognize barcodes;

4). Extensible MES interface, which can be uploaded automatically.


3. Main Features of 300MW EL&VI Tester

New ETS 4000 Stringer machine compatible with full, half-cut and triple-cut solar cells

Embedded cell laser cutting unit for half-cut cells

Production fully compatible with bigger solar cells: M6 (166mm), M10 (182mm), M12 (210mm) in full, half and third cut;

Works from 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 BB and 15BB and wires;

Fully automatic j-box application & soldering system;

Automatic bussing with centralized soldering unit for half-cut/twin peak panels;

Works with module's sizes up to 2.65m x1.5m (and 2.65m x1.5m as optional);


Cycle time: ≤20s


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