Suntech supplies 1MW of modules to Yemen



Suntech has announced that it has supplied 1MW of its high-power modules to Yemen for the construction of a parking lot and power station. The project, deploying Huawei inverters, will reduce current diesel consumption required due the unreliable electrical grid to a bare minimum.

Solar energy has rapidly gained popularity and become the foundation of Yemen’s electricity supply, with more than 70% of Yemeni households now using solar as their primary energy source.

The project will deploy the company’s C72/Nsh+ bifacial N-Type TOPCon modules with a maximum efficiency of 22.6% and power output of up to 585W.

The long-term relationship with the ACTES Group, its local distributor, has enabled Suntech to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in the Yemeni market, with the company increasing its focus on the Middle East region over recent years.

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