Solarpack signs PPAs for 475GWh Spanish solar capacity


Solarpack signs PPAs for 475GWh Spanish solar capacity

Solarpack’s 25MW Tacna project in Peru. Image: Solarpack.

Spanish solar PV developer Solarpack has signed two power purchase agreements (PPA) with a “global utility” for solar PV capacity in its home country.


The Pizarroso project (in Extremadura) – with an installed capacity of 49.84MW and operational since September 2023 – and the Valkyria project (in Castilla La Mancha) will be under PPAs that will see 475GWh of solar power delivered. The larger of the two, Valkyria, will generate 300GWh of power annually, whilst Pizarroso is set to generate 95GWh.


PV Tech has contacted Solarpack for confirmation of the nameplate capacity of the projects and the duration of the PPAs.


Chief commercial officer at Solarpack, Iván Nieto, said: “The solar plants will actively contribute to the generation of clean energy, aiding the country’s efforts to meet its climate and renewable energy objectives.”


Spain expanded its renewable energy goals earlier this year in its revised National Energy and Climate Plan, now seeking 76GW of solar PV by the end of the decade.


Solarpack currently has 495MW of installed PV capacity in Spain. In South America – one of its major operational regions – the company announced plans in March to build the “largest” PV plant in Ecuador, a 258MWdc site representing a €141 million investment.

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