Masdar and PLN NP to treble capacity of 145MW Cirata floating solar plant in Indonesia


Masdar and PLN NP to treble capacity of 145MW Cirata floating solar plant in Indonesia

The Cirata floating solar plant in Indonesia will have a capacity of 145MW once the first phase of construction is completed. Image: Masdar

UAE power company Masdar and PLN Nusantara Power (PLN NP), a subsidiary of state-owned Indonesian electricity company PT PLN, have signed an agreement to expand the capacity of the 145MW Cirata floating solar (FPV) project in Indonesia to up to 500MW.

This second phase of the project will likely treble the total capacity at the facility, which is already south-east Asia’s largest FPV plant. Masdar and PLN NP began construction on the project in August 2021, and expected the first phase of development, which would create a 145MW solar facility, to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2022.

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