Is Turkish government’s 5GW solar and wind annual addition goal achievable?


Rystad Energy analyst Nishant Kumar says the goal of adding 5GW of solar and wind capacity every year is ambitious but achievable. Image: Unsplash

In October, Turkish energy minister Alparslan Bayraktar said Turkey will need to install 5GW of solar and wind capacity every year until 2035, as renewables have great potential to meet the country’s 2035 target of ‘supplying reliable and affordable energy in an environmentally friendly manner’.

According to Turkey’s National Energy Plan, the installed power capacity in 2020 was 95.9GW, and it will increase to 189.7GW by 2035. The share of renewables in the installed capacity, which was 52% in 2020, will reach 64.7% by 2035. Solar PV will play a key role in supplying power in Turkey by 2035, as its capacity will increase to 52.9GW, and wind power’s capacity will reach 29.6GW, including 24.6GW onshore and 5GW offshore. 

(The above content is reproduced from pv-tech,By Simon Yuen)


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