Horad New Energy: Auto EVA Layup Machine manufacturer leads the new energy industry


As the global demand for clean energy continues to grow, the solar energy industry, as a form of renewable energy, has attracted much attention. In the production process of solar cell modules, Auto EVA Layup Machine is a key equipment, and Horad New Energy, as a manufacturer of Auto EVA Layup Machine, is leading the development of the new solar energy industry.


 Auto EVA Layup Machine


Horad New Energy is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Auto EVA Layup Machine and is committed to providing high-quality equipment and solutions to global solar cell module manufacturers. As an industry leader, Horad New Energy not only has advanced technology and equipment, but also has an experienced R&D team and professional after-sales service team to provide customers with comprehensive support and services.


The Auto EVA Layup Machine produced by Horad New Energy has the following notable features:


1. High efficiency and energy saving: Auto EVA Layup Machine adopts advanced technology and design and is highly efficient and energy saving. By optimizing the equipment structure and control system, effective utilization of energy is achieved, production costs are reduced, and production efficiency is improved.


2. Precise and stable: Auto EVA Layup Machine has precise and stable aluminum coating effect. Through advanced sensors and control systems, precise control of EVA and aluminum foil is achieved, ensuring the uniformity and stability of aluminum coating, and improving the quality and performance of battery components.


3. Intelligent operation: Auto EVA Layup Machine has an intelligent operation interface and control system, making the operation simple and convenient. Through the touch screen interface and intelligent control, the automated operation and parameter adjustment of the equipment are realized, reducing manual operations and improving production efficiency.


4. Safe and reliable: Auto EVA Layup Machine adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which has good safety and reliability. Through strict quality control and testing, the safe operation of the equipment is ensured, the failure rate is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is extended.


As a manufacturer of Auto EVA Layup Machine, Horad New Energy always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", constantly improves product quality and service levels, and provides customers with better products and services. In the future, Horad New Energy will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and product upgrading, assist the development of the solar new energy industry, and contribute to building a clean and sustainable energy future.