Features of Auto Hi Pot Machine


The Auto Hi Pot Machine is a device specifically designed to test electrical insulation strength and is commonly used in the production and quality control process of solar panels. So do you know what the characteristics of Auto Hi Pot Machine are? Now I will introduce it to you in detail.


Auto Hi Pot Machine


1. Automated testing: It can automatically conduct testing, reducing the need for manual operations and improving the accuracy and repeatability of testing.


2. High voltage test: This equipment can apply high voltage to the solar panel to test its insulation strength and ensure its safety performance in high voltage environment.


3. Accurate monitoring: It can accurately monitor current leakage or insulation problems, identify potential electrical faults, and ensure the quality and reliability of solar panels.


4. Safety: The equipment itself is usually designed with a safety protection mechanism to ensure the safety of operators and equipment during high-voltage testing.


5. Data recording and analysis: Auto Hi Pot Machine is usually able to record test data and analyze it, helping manufacturers or operators understand the quality status of solar panels and make necessary improvements.


6. Production efficiency: It can quickly test solar panels, which helps to improve production efficiency and detect potential problems in time, thereby reducing the rate of defective products.


These features make the Auto Hi Pot Machine an important testing tool during solar panel production and quality control.