Astronergy will cater for all possible scenarios in Europe in 2024



Astronergy European Product and Technical Service Manager, Dr Yi Deng, addressed attendees at the recent PV ModuleTech conference in Barcelona, underlining the company’s market knowledge and diversity of solutions. In a presentation on the topic of ‘understanding PV module supply to the European market in 2024’, Deng stated: “For utility-scale, C&I and residential rooftop projects, different products will be offered based on technologies designed to maximize the advantages of TOPCon3.0 and return on investment from the customer side. Only one solution, one size of module or one fixed manufacturing process is not sufficient for  dramatically growing solar energy demands in a wide range of scenarios accompanied by specific risks and special environmental conditions in Europe, and of course cannot maximize the utilization rate of solar energy.”

Taking the company’s ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF TOPCon product for residential rooftop  projects as an example, Dr. Deng added that zero-busbar technology enables modules with a larger contact area for higher power generation per watt and high-density encapsulation to have a lower risk of micro-cracks, with an area of less than 2 sq m also providing power output of  460W and an efficiency of 23%.

In addition to the ZBB product, Deng also discussed other upgraded TOPCon based products designed for different areas of deployment.

“For the European market, Astronergy products currently cater for all customers’ different needs, with new cell technology in reserve for as yet unforeseen requirements,” he concluded.

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