100MW Auto Laminator Machine

Double Layer&Double Chamber Laminator
Product Description

100MW Auto Laminator Machine

1. Equipment Parameterpment Parameter of 100MW Auto Laminator Machine


Item Parameter
Effective Lamination Area 2700*8700mm
Capacity 250-300MW/year
Uptime ≥99.5%
Vacuum Degree 30pa
Temperature Range room temperature-180℃
Precision of Temperature Control(°C) ±1.5℃
Temperature Accuracy(°C) ±1℃
Heating Mode Oil heating/electric heating
Cooling Mode fan cooling
Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.6-0.8mpa
Dimensions (mm) 38000*3650*3600mm


2. Technical Performance of 100MW Auto Laminator Machine

1). Smaller footorint, bigger capacity output

2). Movable touch screen design for easy operation

3). Double-layer double-chamber structure, each layer& chamber is independently controlled

4). Strong compatibility, suitable for a variety of module production

5). Other dimensions are also available according to customer's request.

Auto Laminator Machine

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