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  • product name: 2nd Glass Auto loader
  • Product number: A018
  • Added time: 2016-10-17
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Technical Parameter



Working power supply

AC 380V 3P, 5 wires, 50Hz.

Working air pressure


Working environment


Working noise


Designed cycle time




Manipulator load



Main function

♦ Vacuum suction cup picks glass from the pallet and places it on the conveyor line for alignment, then rise to a certain height after alignment. 1st glass and cell strings will be conveyed below the 2nd glass and aligned, then the 2nd glass will go down and stop at 50mm height up the 1st glass. The 2nd glass will continue going down after operators put lead wire through the glass until the 2nd glass touches the 1st glass.
♦ With double photoelectric button confirm, avoiding the glass collision caused by wrong operation.
♦ It can pick and place the interleaf paper into paper box.
♦ Auto reminder(Audible and Visible) if lack of material  
♦ With light curtain protection in the feeding area.
♦ Position accuracy between the up and down glass <±1.5MM.
♦ With air ionizer to blow off the dust of glass.
♦ Suitable for different types of glass.
♦ With interleaf paper recycling function(with small push cart)
♦ This area needs to be sealed in case dust and paper scraps fall down on the glass surface.
♦ Suitable for a pallet of 150 pcs of glass.

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