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  • product name: EL Tester
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Technical Parameter



Working environment


Working noise


Designed cycle time




Test pattern

Below lighting direct-injection type

Cycle time

Less than 45 seconds

Recognition accuracy


Camera pattern

Industrial grade CCD, including 950 optical filter

Focusing lock



Label photos

High-low current collecting

High current Isc , low current 0.1Isc


Main function

♦ Equipment uptime: ≥98﹪ except repair and maintenance, calculating by continuous working for 1 year.
♦ Equipment lifetime: ≥10 years.
♦ Equipment type changing time strictly controlled within 30 mins.
♦ Equipment needs to be configured with excellent scanning gun eg: Honeywell, Motorola, etc. ♦ Barcode leakage rate and messy code rate is 1/10,000.
♦ Barcode can be input manually and automatically, and barcode serial number can be shown in saved pictures.
♦ With re-photograph mode.
♦ Customized shoot type, classify defects and auto create date files; auto save, query function.
♦ Direct connection function.
♦ Transmission pattern: conveyor belt.
♦ Photo format and save path can be changed.
♦ Photo display pixel, software is adjustable.
♦ Read MES,API, MES server reads data and process pictures.
♦ Defects identifying function can be upgraded automatically.
♦ Mechanical structure, control signal and transmission cycle time(beat) can be seamlessly connected with front and back transmission line.
♦ Displayer needs to be integrated with the machine, displayer:4K, 48.
♦ Testing pictures of many EL testers can be shown in one computer.
♦ Reserved communication port with MES.

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