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  • product name: Auto sorter
  • Product number: A015
  • Added time: 2016-10-17
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Technical Parameter



Working power supply

AC 380V 3 phase 5 wire 50Hz DC 24V

Working air pressure


Working environment


Working noise


Designed cycle time


Weight ≤2T
Power ≤4KW


Main function

♦ Applicable for requirements of 60/72PCS modules.
♦ Up to 20-30 pcs modules can be stacked(adjustable).
♦ Automatically identify power levels and the level number able to be automatically  adjusted as per production requirement(6 levels).Can read data of IV tester by scanning barcode directly to sort modules
♦ All running motions are equipped with sensor and running control line is integrated into the main control line PLC.
♦ Designed cycle time: ≤30Sec/PCS
♦ Equipment utility rate: ≥98%

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