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  • product name: First In First Out Buffer
  • Added time: 2016-11-04
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Comparison between FIFO buffer & FILO buffer
1)FILO--First in last out buffer.
Before laminating, there’s risk of material metamorphic because the “first in” modules stay too long time in the buffer.
After laminating, the “first in” modules are excessive cooling and “last in” modules will flow out before reaching the cooling temperature. To ensure the cooling temperature of every module, the cycle time needs to be lengthened and efficient will be decreased.

2)FIFO—First in first out buffer
The above problems can be solved.
The capacity can be increased to up to 30pcs with double chain cyclic stack system.
The cooling effect is increased greatly after integrated with axial flow fan.

3) Circulate rotation to buffer. 
4) Surface installed with heat shrink tubing and is adapted to coated glass.
5) Buffer after laminating is installed with cooling fan, to ensure the module temperature below 40℃ when arrive at framing station.