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  • product name: Ozone aging test chamber
  • Added time: 2016-10-19
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The main features
1.Meet the GB/T7762-2003 and GB/T13642-92 standard related experiments.
2.The structure of professional design and drive and control system design, make the equipment operation more stable, more accurate indicators, more simple maintenance.
3.The reserved calibration interface and classical chemical test.
4.The PID control mode, more intuitive and simple control of ozone concentration and temperature.
5.The latest voltage silent discharge ozone generator, to ensure the stability of ozone generated.
6.Housing with activated carbon absorption and silica gel drying tower.


Function features

Model No. HORAD-QL-J/D 150L
Working chamber dimension(DXWXHmm) 500X500X600
Technical parameter ozone density:0---1000ppm,(0--300ppmwire cable industry)deviation≦±10%
test chamber temperature:20℃~45℃ uniformity±2℃
test gas flow:20~80L/min
Structure feature cold-drawing spray shell and stainless steel inner shell,digital regulator
Silent discharge ozone generator (air and oxygen source is optional) air drying purifier, non-dispersive ozone detector
Power 4KW