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  • product name: Salty spray test chamber
  • Added time: 2016-10-19
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The main features
1.Material of chamber body is acid-resisting, alkali-resisting and high temperature-resisting and can ensure there is no corrosion after long-time use.
2.Complete water-level and water temperature etc. protection system ensures the safe use.
3.Spray pressure and working time can be adjusted. Easy to operate and handle.


Function features

  HSST-60 HSST-90 HSST-120 HSST-160 HSST-200
Interior size of testing chamber(cm) 60X45X40 90X60X50 120X80X50 160X100X50 200X120X60
Exterior size of testing chamber(cm) 107X60X118 141X88X128 190X110X140 230X130X140 270X150X150
temperature of testing chamber (NSS ACSS)35℃±1℃ /(CASS)50℃±1℃
temperature of pressure barrel (NSS ACSS)47℃±1℃ /(CASS)63℃±1℃
salty water temperature 35℃±1℃ 50℃±1℃
Testing chamber capacity 108L 270L 480L 800L 1440L
Salty water chamber capacity 15L 25L 40L 40L 40L
salty water density (Cucl 2H2O)density of NaCl 5% or NaCl 5% per Liter add 0.26g Cucl2)
pressure of compressed air 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2
spray volume 1.0--2.0ml/80cm2/h(at least collect 16 hours and take the average)
relative humidity of testing chamber 85%以上 above85%
PH-value 6.5~7.2   3.0~3.2
spray pattern continuous spray
Power supply AC220V 1¢10A AC220V 1¢15A AC220V 1¢20A AC220V 1¢20A AC220V 1¢30A