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  • product name: MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Added time: 2016-09-28
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System structure:
APS- Advanced Planning and Scheduling System
OEE- Overall Equipment Effectiveness System
Production Management System
WMS- Warehouse Management System
SPC- Statistical Process Control System
Visible management System
Quality controlling System
Safety management System
Energy management System

Implementation results:

♦ Transparent management of production process.
♦ SOP management.
♦ Mistake proofing of man machine material method environment.
♦ Improve the yield and reduce the costs.
♦ Reasonable deployment of resources with advanced schedule, reducing the WIP inventory.
♦ Electrical management with Barcode/RFID technology.
♦ Electrical management of quality parameter contributes to process improvement analysis.
♦ Improve the utilization of resources.
♦ Batch management of materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
♦ Information tracking with Man machine material method environment.
♦ Provide data for statistical analysis of lean production.
♦ Reducing production cost.
♦ Ensure the production safety standards.
♦ Reduce energy consumption per unit product.

Hardware solution
♦ Smart material logistics: AGV-Automatic guided vehicle.
♦ Smart production handling: Unmanned feeding-in with robot and mechanical arm.
♦ Smart quality controlling: Auto inspection and sorting.
♦ Smart warehouse: Unmanned warehouse management with RFID, AGV and location indicator light.
♦ Process mistake proofing: Mistake proofing reminding with data collection of process parameter, material feeding and process jump station.