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  • product name: Automatic Packing System
  • Added time: 2016-09-28
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Functions and Characteristics
♦Applicable module size scope: applicable for the modules with length(1560-2000)mm and width (800-1000)mm
♦Packaging capacity more than 1.2GW
♦Conveying speed:0-10meter/min,adjustable. Cycle time:120second
♦Transmission line specification: refer the layout of workshop(detailed size based on the actual workshop)
♦Height and adjustable scope:500-600mm,with adjustable foot screw, adjustable scope within 50mm
♦Modules are accurately positioned on the conveyors, repetitive error each time≤10mm.No obvious jump,vibration and deviation during the conveying process.
♦Equipment service time:5 year
♦Working noise: ≤70dbA

Technical Specifications

Item Production Requirement
Whole line production capacity ≥1.2 GW 
Line yield ≥98%
Uptime ≥98%
Working days/year 330 days
Working hours/day 21H
PV Module Power 255/305W
Module format 60/72 cells 
Tact time 120S
Output >780pcs/h