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  • product name: Auto Packing System
  • Product number: RA006
  • Added time: 2016-11-04
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1)Module format: Standard PV modules with 60pcs or 72pcs modules.
2)Packaging capacity: ≥1.2GW
3)Transmitting mode: Collaborating with AS/RS auto storage system conveyed by primary-secondary pallet.
4)The following machines are optional in Auto Packing System.
Auto box opening machine, auto box sealing machine, auto stacking machine, auto labelling machine, auto weighing machine, auto strapping machine, auto film wrapping machine, auto film laminating machine.
5)Specification: Detailed layout based on the customer’s workshop.
6)Equipment service time:≥5 year
7)Working noise: ≤70db(A)

机器人上箱盖  Robotic Cover Placing Machine
机器人帖唛头 Robotic Shipping Mark Pasting Machine
穿件打包(长边) Belting( Long-side)
穿件打包(短边) Belting(Short-side)
缠绕覆膜机 Film wrapping machine
双托堆叠机 Double Pallet Stacker 
穿件打包(双托长边) Belting Machine (Long-side of Double Pallet)
穿件打包(双托短边)Belting Machine (Short-side of Double Pallet)
缠绕覆膜机(双托)、Film Wrapping Machine for Double pallet  
AGV下料:  AGV