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  • product name: Automatic dispensing and framing machine
  • Product number: A009
  • Added time: 2016-10-14
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Max. module size 2000mm×1016mm×(35-50)mm
Min. module size 1640mm×990mm×(35-50)mm

Module size defect

Long-side (AD-BC) ±1mm
Short-side (AB-CD)±1mm.
Diagonal difference |AC-BD| ≤1.5mm
Leakage hole mal-position Mal-position ≦1.0mm.
Frame corner gap ≤0.3mm.
Framing mal-position ≤0.3mm.
Framing machine gel squeeze-out requirement Contact side between long short aluminum frame and framing machine >90%, automatic gel squeeze-out percentage of pass: ≥98%, do not hurt coating on frame.
Glue Qty Glue dispensing accuracy: ±8g
Gel squeeze-out on glass side Silica gel connects flatly and smoothly, no visual gap, no bubble, no empty gel between gel and glass right side. Use 0.3mm feeler gauge, insert gap depth ≤5mm
Gel squeeze-out on back-sheet side Uniform gel over-flow on back-sheet side, no roll-up of squeeze-out on back-sheet side, continuous adhesive tape, beautiful, no glue leakage and empty glue, silica gel squeezes out to 3mm, exposed edge belt of back side uniform, elegant.

Gel squeeze out on corner

Silicone gel of four corners is parallel to frame, no need to clean by personnel

Glue dispenser separate with framing machine Glue dispensing framing integrated machine can work independently and do not interfere each other.

Automatic/ semi-automatic

Framing machine realize work automatically/ semi-automatically (work in semi-automatic mode in case of abnormal)
Designed cycle time ≤36S
Applicable range 6*10, 6*12 poly-crystal, mono-crystal module, switch time of different models <10 mins.
Glue gun Gel comes out uniformly and stably, conform to setting requirement of technological parameters, no gel leakage, gel breaking.