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The main features
1.Meet the following standards: GB/T10485、JISD0203、IPX1-6.
2.The whole chamber is made by SUS 304 stainless steel. Working warehouse or other parts that touch water are all made by stainless steel plate or cooper material. It ensures the long time operation.
3.Visual wide screen door can observe the deceleration mechanism: speed regulation motor, OM, 90W/100W. And swing pipe swings: through motor/ frequency transformer (Schneider) drive reducer/ eccentric mechanism/ rack pinion etc mechanical rotation.
4.Adjust times by frequency transformer (within unit time) and adjust needed angle by eccentric mechanism.
5.Advanced drainage system design at the bottom of chamber can drain water immediately. There will be no hydrops and there is reserved external cable port
6.Chamber size and test pattern can be customized as per customer’s need.


Function features

Model No. HORAD-LY
Working chamber dimension(mm) customized
External dimension(mm) (TBA)
structure feature Arc swing pipe radius 400mm
Right-angle swing pipe length 500mm
Spray water pressure 50-400kpa(adjustable)
Right-angle swing pipe spray pipe diameter 16mm
water tank material Advanced stainless steel plate

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