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The main features
1.The weight of output axle is light and its solidness is strong. The axle-directed resonant frequency is above 4000HZ.
2.Controlled by on-line computer, the data can be stored immediately once it is input.
3.Reach the wanted controlling effect accurately and can predict and control the curve chart.
4.Can monitor the controlling requirements during operation, like vibration frequency, amplitude, speed, accelerated speed and testing time.
5.Low electrical-impedance and high performance design can increase the efficiency and reduce testing cost.
6.Good isolation effect of the flux leakage for engine body can avoid the interference of product’s testing. Dual-suspension system makes the life of machine longer.
7.High reliability and low mal-function rate.


Function features

Specification and technical parameter


Model No.


Performance index

effective radiation area


module surface temperature






wick distance


I luminance

uniformity of tested surface of module is ±15%

wind speed


wave length


light source

Q-PANLUVA和UVB  Q-PANLUVA and UVB imported from U.S.A

Control system

control pattern

(BTC)compelled cycling ventilate and BTC

Heating pattern

nichrome electric-heating wire


Touch screen controller

Cycling system

Stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal rotor

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