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Technical Parameter



Insulation part
Output voltage DC:500V/1000V ±3%
Insulation resistance 1~2000MΩ
Timing time 1~99S 0= continuous output ±5%

Voltage resistance part

Output voltage AC:0~5KV ±3%
Breakdown current AC:0~1000mA; ±3%

Timing time

1~99S  0 is continuous output


Main function

♦ Insulation resistance, voltage withstanding, grounding continuity test can be switched automatically, insulation test ground resistance.
♦ Product test qualified/ un-qualified sound-light alarm, break-through protection function.
♦ Insulation resistance and voltage withstanding tester can dock and transfer with back-part EL tester.
♦ Meet test need for 60/72 module.

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