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Manual Producing Age

♦ Manual Transferring of Semi-finished Modules

♦ Manual In-feeding & Out-feeding ♦ Manual Soldering & Layup ♦ Off-line EVA/Backsheet Cutting



Automatic Producing Age
Auto Sorting Auto Curing Line Auto Corner Milling Integration of Auto Gluing & Framing
Auto Trimming In-line EVA/Backsheet Cutting & Layup Auto Soldering,Layup & Auto Conveying Auto Glass Loading



Full-Automatic Producing Age
Auto Packing System Auto Junction Box Soldering Auto Junction Box Placement 2nd Glass Auto Loading
Auto Bussing Up/Down Conveyor Fist In First Out Buffer  



Smart Automatic Producing Age
Manufacturing Execution System Computer Integrated Manufacturing Auto Inspection of Junction Box insufficient Soldering
Comparision and Analysis System of AOI Inspection Pre/After Laminating AOI Inspection of Appearance Check AOI Inspection of Cell In-feeding